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Registered Traveler program hits LaGuardia

Verified Identity Pass has brought Clear, its version of the registered traveler program, to LaGuardia (LGA), making the program available at all three major New York airports.

Clear, which has taken the lead nationally in providing the program, has enrolled more than 59,000 passengers nationwide. For an annual fee of $99.95, it provides members with separate, faster lines through airport security using an identity card with encrypted fingerprint or iris images.
At LGA the enrollment station is located at the departure level of the Central Terminal. The application process starts at www.flyclear.com and ends in person at the station where passengers’ biometrics are captured and their identifications are verified.

Clear is now available at nine airports with San Francisco International (SFO) coming on board in September and several others expected to launch in the fall.

Steven Brill, founder and CEO, says he wouldn’t be surprised if enrollment at LGA rivals that at SFO, where a record 1,000 travelers signed up in the first 30 hours the station was open.

“The addition of LaGuardia to the Clear network is great news for business travelers,” Brill says. “Clear’s value is steadily increasing as more and more airports sign on and we’re seeing that realized in a significant increase in enrollments nationwide.”