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Salt Lake starts planning for expansion

With increased travel, the improved economic standing of Delta Air Lines, and its status as a regional jet hub, Salt Lake City International (SLC) officials have begun work on a new master plan that likely will include an expansion of the airport.

While there is general consensus among airport officials and airline partners that something needs to be done there are no concrete plans, cost estimates or timetables at this point, either for the updated master plan or for any airport project, but SLC officials have begun discussing the issue with airline partners, says Barbara Gann, spokeswoman.

“In essence, we’re just beginning,” she says. “We’re talking about it.”
The airport last did a master plan in 1997. It handled more than 22M passengers in 2005 and expects those numbers to be similar this year. SLC was originally designed to accommodate more like 12M, Gann says.