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SAN Releases Two Opportunity Statements For Its Innovation Lab

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the governing body for San Diego International Airport (SAN), has released the first two opportunity statements in conjunction with its Innovation Lab operator Detecon Innovation Institute. The opportunity statements invite applicants to participate in the Innovation Lab’s accelerator program.

One of the opportunity statements focuses on parking, and the other addresses ways to assist passengers with unique needs. Ideal applicants will already have prototype innovations almost ready to test in the airport environment. The 16-week Innovation Lab accelerator program will prepare innovators to present their prototypes to the airport authority for a possible contract and the opportunity to gain experience for work in other airports.

The Innovation Lab was created to help innovators overcome obstacles that might prevent them from breaking into the aviation industry. The overall goal of the program is to improve the passenger experience as well as increase operational efficiency and decrease operational costs.

“Successful innovations from the parking opportunity will add value to the airport parking experience to attract and retain customers,” says Rick Belliotti, the airport authority’s director of innovation and small business development. “The customer service opportunity will pursue innovative solutions to reduce complexity and help people in whatever ways they need to more easily traverse the airport from curb to gate and vice versa.”