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SEA Gives OK To New Projects

The Port of Seattle Commission authorized more than $250 million for two projects, the SEA Gateway and S Concourse Evolution, both of which are part of the $4.6 billion “Upgrade SEA” capital campaign.

The $159 million SEA Gateway Project is a partnership with Alaska Airlines to modernize the ticketing, security and baggage claim areas in the terminal’s north end, adding light-filled open spaces to quickly move passengers through ticketing and security.

The S Concourse Evolution received $100 million to proceed with advance work and design on a major remodel and renovation to add more amenities and brighter spaces to improve the passenger journey.

“SEA has been one of the fastest growing airports for a decade, mirroring the growth happening in the region,” said SEA Managing Director Lance Lyttle. “During peak periods our terminal is stretched to its max, making it a challenge to deliver the efficient, predictable experience that passengers deserve.  To hit our efficiency and customer service goals we need to build up, modernize where we can, and introduce new technology.”

The airport also recently completed an overhaul of many of its restrooms on Concourses B, C, D to have better lighting, touchless features and other improvements.

Other major SEA projects planned in the coming years include expanding the four-story Terminal C, the completion of the Central Terminal Renovation, the relocation of Security Checkpoint 1 from to the lower baggage claim level, creating new queuing and travel documentation areas and adding additional TSA screening lanes, and improving the roadways leading into the Arrivals Curbside drop off area.