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SEA, PDX, YVR Partner on Green Initiative

The largest three commercial airports in the Cascadia Corridor, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Portland International Airport (PDX), and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) announced plans to cooperate on decarbonizing the aviation sector.

The three airports said they will focus on four key areas: sustainable aviation fuels, airport facilities, airfield operations, and vehicle trips to and from airports by employees and travelers.

SEA, PDX and YVR share goals to advocate to state/provincial and federal governments to provide appropriate policy and funding to support Sustainable Alternative Fuels (SAF), while also encouraging appropriate infrastructure investment, feedstock development, and public private partnerships to facilitate affordable and sufficient SAF implementation.

The three also plan share best practices to reduce emissions related to the construction of new and renovated facilities, convert airport vehicles, such as buses, to lower- and zero-carbon fuels and upgrade heating, cooling, and power infrastructure.

SEA, PDX, YVR jointly said they will welcome other airports, aviation stakeholders, and business and government leaders in the region to join in the pursuit of these carbon reduction goals.