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SLC Releases RFP For Phase 2 Concessions

Salt Lake City International (SLC) has released a Request for Proposals for multiple concessions locations currently under construction as part of the airport’s Phase 2 Airport Redevelopment Program. Phase One became operational in late 2020, while Phase Two is anticipated to be fully operational in November of 2023, with 4 gates coming online earlier in May of 2023.

The concessions opportunities for Phase Two have been divided among seven F&B packages and three retail packages. Two of the retail packages and three of the F&B packages include ACDBE participation goals of 20%.

The RFP says terms of the contracts will include initial capital investments and mid-term refurbishments, percentage rents and minimum annual guarantees, or MAGs. However, if passenger numbers fall by more than 25%  in any contract year, the MAG will be adjusted in line with the percentage decline. All concessionaires will be required to comply with the airport’s street pricing policy.

The first retail package includes three locations, comprised of one news and gift store and two specialty retail concepts. The second also has three locations, with two news and gift stores and one specialty retail location. The third retail package is for a single location spa or wellness offering.

For food and beverage, the first package includes one snack/takeaway location, one fast casual location and a casual dining restaurant with alcohol. Package 2 is also comprised of three locations, including a casual dining restaurant with alcohol, a branded specialty coffee and a snack concept. Two concepts in Package 3 will include a quick-serve restaurant and a snack/takeaway location.

The remaining F&B packages are all single locations. Package 4 is a fast-food hamburger restaurant, while Package 5 is a quick-serve restaurant. Package 6 asks for a fast casual restaurant with Asian or Latin American cuisine. The final package is for branded specialty coffee.