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SSP Makes 1st Foray Into Indian Market

SSP has entered the Indian aviation market with FLAVOURS at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI).

FLAVOURS, a convenience store brand emphasizing freshly produced products, is the company’s first retail location in India.

The company has two contracts with Delhi International Airport Ltd. for other food and beverage brands to open in the coming months.

 “This is SSP’s first business win in India, and we’re delighted to be establishing a foot-hold in this strategically important country,” says Henrik Andersen, managing director of SSP Gulf and India. “This new win builds on the success we’ve already had in the region, and we’re very excited to be making such rapid progress in achieving our ambitious plans for growth across the Middle East and India.”
FLAVOURS offers salads, smoothies, fruit cups, calzone, spring rolls, pizza, cheese sandwiches, buns, croissants, bread, coffee, milk, mineral water, juices and ice cream.

“IGI Airport was looking for a convenience store for its passengers and from our portfolio of brands, we are delighted to offer passengers one of SSP’s leading convenience stores,” he says.