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Topeka’s Billard Airport Announces New Restaurant

Officials at Topeka’s Philip Billard Municipal Airport (TOP) have revealed its latest concessions concept: a Cajun- and Creole-themed restaurant set to open this summer.

The Metropolitan Topeka Airport Authority (MTAA) approved proposals for Sky Restaurant Holdings LLC to launch a full-service family restaurant in the Philip Billard Terminal. The eatery will be called SKY By Day during its breakfast and lunch service and SKY By Night when the space transitions to serve dinner and cocktails. Sky will be operated by local restaurateurs Chris and Courtney Stemler and Nic and Shelby Irick, who currently manage Topeka’s Beacon event venue. They will be joined by caterer Bobby Santacroce of Bobby’s Food Truck. 

“From the moment we read the MTAA’s request for proposals, the ideas for creating something special at Billard, focused on the local community, just started popping into our minds,” says Stemler. “The MTAA is taking Billard in a new direction and our team couldn’t be more excited by the opportunity to partner with them in making that a reality.”

“The team at Sky presented us with a dynamic, exciting vision for Billard,” adds MTAA board chair Brian Armstrong. “Sky’s management team is local, experienced and creative. We feel very confident that visiting aviators and diners from across Northeast Kansas will be delighted by what they see and taste at the new SKY Restaurant at Billard.”