Transport Canada relaxes some airport retail restrictions

CBC News
Consumers will be able to purchase liquids, gels and aerosols at both
duty-free and non-duty-free airport shops as of 3 a.m. Friday, Transport
Canada announced Tuesday. Earlier restrictions had only allowed duty-free shops to sell liquids, gels and aerosols, leaving many other retailers struggling with flagging sales. Transport Canada spokeswoman Vanessa Vermette said stores selling goods including shampoos and maple syrup suffered under the earlier restriction. Travellers are still required to pack the restricted items in their checked luggage before boarding the airplanes. The sale of the items will continue to be blocked within restricted areas for passengers travelling to the U.S. from airports providing U.S. pre-clearance services. Airports around the globe tightened security restrictions after
investigators uncovered an alleged plot in August to blow up as many as 10
commercial airliners with liquid explosives smuggled aboard in hand luggage.

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