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Trends Strategist Predicts Simplicity Among Consumers

In an ARN interview in the upcoming August issue, Gerald Celente, trends strategist and founder of Trends Research Institute, reveals his predictions about the economy, changing consumer behaviors and how the U.S. can rediscover itself. The following are some excerpts of the interview:

“In the late 80’s and early 90’s people began to recognize that you don’t have to over consume, that buying what you needed rather than what you really wanted became the mentality.  It used to be called voluntary simplicity now we’re calling it involuntary simplicity. Retailers are going to have to understand that the whole model of growth and expansion predicated upon opening new stores is an unviable model.  You have to increase in-store profits.  The consumer is educating them by buying less commodity priced items, and more quality items.  It’s the essence of the art in every form: less is more.  Whatever you buy, buy it because it’s going to last.  

“…People have to realize they’re on their own and the strength is really in the community, not in the federal government.  The whole ‘buy local’ trend is where you’re seeing a huge change. If people had more options to do it they would.  We don’t need Wall Street – that’s a fallacy – and we don’t need Wal-mart. We need Main Street, and Mom and Pops, and we need family businesses and family farms.  You go back to what worked before.  We need domestic production, we don’t need globalization.  We’re 300 million people here.  We could do business among ourselves very well.  And at the height of the success of this country we only had 200 million people.

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