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TSA Extends Bin Advertising Pilot, Lifts Cap On Registered Traveler Program

The Transportation Security Administration has informed airports participating in the bin advertising pilot project that it has extended the test for 30 days through Aug. 31 but plans to issue a final decision within the 30-day window.

The extension, TSA informed the airports, should not be interpreted as indicating whether TSA will ultimately allow advertising on checkpoint bins, according to a memo circulated by Airports Council International-North America.

The TSA last week also lifted the cap and eliminated the government fee from the registered traveler program, clearing any impediments to further expansion beyond 20 airports.

TSA determined that the current security threat assessment largely duplicates the watch list matching that is conducted on travelers every time they fly. Because the agency deemed the other parts of the assessment are not core elements in determining threats to aviation security, TSA waived the $28 fee.

“TSA is lifting the cap on the number of Registered Traveler locations to enable the private sector to grow as determined by market demand,” says Carrie Harmon, spokeswoman.

Currently, three providers operate the program at 19 U.S. airports.