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TUL Launches First Visitor Pass Program

Tulsa International Airport (TUL) has launched a new TUL Visitor Pass program, allowing the non-traveling public to secure a visitor pass that grants access to the post-security side of the terminal. Visitors can meet arriving passengers or simply enjoy the amenities offered by TUL from a food, beverage, and retail perspective.

The TUL Visitor Pass program came in response to the growing demand for enhanced airport experiences and aims to provide a convenient and seamless way for non-travelers to access the secure areas of the terminal.

To obtain a free TUL Visitor Pass, individuals can visit the www.flytulsa.com web site and complete the simple and secure online application up to seven days in advance of use.

“At TUL, we are always looking for ways to enhance the airport experience for passengers and the community,” said Andrew Pierini, TUL executive vice president and chief commercial officer. “TUL Visitor Pass gives people the ability to meet their loved ones at the gate or extend their goodbyes, as well as enjoy all the amenities TUL has to offer.”