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UK BAA offers noise monitoring via website

UK BAA has launched WebTrak, an aircraft tracking software, at London’s Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW) and Stansted (STN) airports.

The program, offered by Lochard, is a flight track replay facility accessible via web browsers. Now installed at more than 130 airports in 25 countries, it provides the curious with information on the type of aircraft that took off, its height and speed, and is available 24 hours after the flight takes off.

“WebTrak is another positive development in the open way in which we work with local communities to share as much information as possible about our airport operations,” says Brendan Creavin, BAA Limited’s environmental policy manager. “We were very pleased to add WebTrak to our three noise websites in order to complement the complaint handling and information service already provided by our airports to their local communities.” It can be accessed at www.baa.com/noise.