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USA Today Postpones Price Increase

After receiving several complaints from retailers and meeting with ACI-North America officials, USA Today will postpone its price increase which was planned only in airports.

According to Sonya Reneberg, national account manager of retail sales, the company is postponing the move to $1.00 due to “the pressures that our customers received from the street pricing issues.”

USA Today’s reservations over the price increase deepened after meeting with Greg Principato, president of ACI-NA, and Brett McAllister, senior vice president of operations and chief financial officer for ACI-NA, who accentuated the concerns of the airport community.

“At some point in the future, we will once again consider an increase in the retail cover price of USA Today,” Reneberg says. “The decision to raise the price in airports was due to the higher operating costs we find in airports. This includes higher margins and higher distribution costs. Airports are a very important piece of our circulation footprint and we look forward to growing that business.”