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Watermark Gives LGA Travelers New Bookstore Option

HDS Retail is making Watermark bookstore a real page-turner at LaGuardia (LGA) with its opening Sept. 24.

The 1,200 sq. ft. concept, operated in conjunction with ACDBE concessionaire Corliss Stone-Littles LLC, is a complete redesign from the location at Toronto Pearson International (YYZ) and is adapted from the Australian version of the store.

“This rejuvenated Watermark concept is a great addition to our bookstore offering,” says Gerry Savaria, president and CEO of HDS Retail. “Watermark will be a great alternative for locations where the use clause prevents us from carrying electronic media, which means we can’t use our exclusive license for Virgin Books & Entertainment. We now have a very credible, contemporary and exciting solution for the ‘traditional’ bookstore use.”
Watermark includes a selection of books ranging from new releases to best sellers, as well as an area for young readers. In addition, there is an antiquarian section, with several shelves of rare an autographed American classic books, all available for purchase.