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Westfield Begins Outreach for LAX’s International Concourse; Reduces Required Deposits And Guarantees

Westfield has begun its competitive evaluation process for retail and dining concessions for the new International Concourse at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The space encompasses the 750,000 square foot concourse, the more than 1,000 foot long pedestrian connector, and 27 concession opportunities with just over 28,000 square feet available for concessions.

Westfield will accept bids through Wednesday, June 20 and expects to announce the winners on Monday, September 30.

The project includes nine packages, each with one or more locations. Six of the packages are limited to participating from existing concessionaires of Tom Bradley International Terminal. The opportunities include:

  • Package 1: one travel essentials and one specialty concept
  • Package 2: two travel essentials and one specialty concept
  • Package 3: one bar and one full-service restaurant
  • Package 4: one nationally branded coffee
  • Package 5: one quick-service restaurant
  • Package 6: one specialty-themed gift concept

Two packages are limited to participation from 100 percent Airport Concessionaires Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. The opportunities are:

  • Package 7: one quick-service restaurant
  • Package 8: one specialty retail concept

Finally, one package is open to participation from all concessionaires:

  • Package 9: one quick-service restaurant and one branded coffee concept

“As designers, we believe in a globally savvy approach,” says Beth Campbell, executive vice president, head of design at Westfield. “That means we need to understand technology. We need to understand trends…but true success is found when we are able to blend authentically local flavors. We want the global with the authentically local, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish here. So the core of what we’re targeting is we’re bringing more of LA into LAX.”

Also, Westfield says it is actively seeking ways to lower the barriers to entry and to make responding to the CEP easier. The developer says it will reduce both the number of deposits and guarantees required and the amounts of the deposits. In addition, Westfield says it will further reduce deposit requirements for 100 percent ACDBE operators, and will establish a fund that will specifically help ACDBE operators to amortize the space preparation costs over several years.