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WHSNA And iCleanse Launch Phone Disinfectant For Travelers

WH Smith North America (WHSNA) and UV-based disinfectant and advertising company iCleanse have partnered to launch a new phone sanitizing system now available at WHSNA locations. iCleanse’s technology uses UV-C light to disinfect phones in 15 seconds, during which its Swift UV units display digital ads to users. 

“By partnering with iCleanse, we’re showcasing our commitment to the well-being of both leisure and business travelers,” said Toby Keir, CEO of WH Smith North America. “This partnership allows us to offer a unique, complimentary service that fosters community and instills peace of mind when traveling.  

“Starting in the summer of 2024, visitors, employees, and travelers will have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently eliminate germs from their devices, without the use of chemicals or generating waste,” added Chris Allen, CEO of iCleanse. “Additionally, this initiative presents a unique platform for brands and advertisers to enhance the traveler experience through our Swift UV units, creating a new way to connect with consumers on a meaningful level.”