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XWELL Adds Strech Services At Airports

Airport health and wellness company XWELL has introduced a proprietary stretching service for XpresSpa airport locations nationally.

The gentle stretch session was designed specifically for travelers, helping to maintain comfort and well-being when facing long-haul flights and extensive airport delays. This new service complements the existing suite of massage services and taps into current technicians’ breadth of experience and skills.

Some of the benefits of a facilitated stretching session for travelers include enhanced blood circulation, greater flexibility, reduced muscle fatigue, increased relaxation, jet lag relief and mental well-being, the company said.

“Stretch continues to grow as a modality for enhancing endurance and well-being,” said Scott Milford, XWELL CEO. “We know this new service will represent the best stretch of the trip for travelers.”

The service is being launched in 15 U.S. airport locations with plans for expansion globally as technicians are available and trained to perform the service. Sessions will be offered in increments of 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes, for the price of $45, $55 and $75, respectively.