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Airport Wireless Expands Myvu Product Line

Airport Wireless has inked a deal with Myvu Corp. to carry the company’s Myvu personal media viewers in 35 stores at 18 airports; they will also be in more than 10 other airport locations scheduled to open this year.

The retailer will sell Myvu Crystal and Myvu shades; it already carries the Myvu Solo Plus. The media viewers turn portable media players into hands-free viewers.

 “Nothing demonstrates the need for on-the-go entertainment like air travel,” says Kip Kokinakis, president and chief executive officer of Myvu. “The availability of our Myvu line through Airport Wireless and Techshowcase is a strategic extension to our brand and for our retail distribution. Air travel can be stressful enough and with increased airport retail availability, people can purchase a Myvu viewer at the airport, sit back and enjoy their favorite videos on a full screen.”  

Michael Goldschmidt, executive vice president of APW Holdings LLC, the parent company for Airport Wireless and Techshowcase, calls the product a “great addition” to the company’s products.

 “We’re constantly seeking out the best and most innovative consumer electronics for our customers, and that is exactly what found with Myvu Crystal and Myvu Shades,” he says.

Myvu Crystal and Myvu Shades come with a rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable and noise-cancelling earphones from Ultimate Ears®. Both are compatible with portable media players, including all iPod® with video models, Microsoft Zune, mobile phones (Nokia N95 and select Samsung models), portable DVD players and various game consoles.