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AMAC Partners With Lendistry For Concessions Loans

The Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) has partnered with Lendistry, a minority-led small business lender and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Preferred Lender to provide an airport concession lending program to AMAC’s diverse membership of minority and women-owned small businesses. The program content will include webinars and educational materials as well as exclusive content for AMAC members.

“AMAC’s mission is to advance the full participation of minorities and women in employment and contracting opportunities throughout the aviation and aerospace industries,” said Eboni Wimbush, AMAC president & CEO. “The predominant challenge small businesses face is access to capital. We are excited to partner with Lendistry to provide access to the financial fuel needed by our members to pursue these opportunities.”

AMAC members and Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise-certified airport concession businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this partnership when they need commercial financing.

“Airport concessions have a unique business model, which can make it difficult for them to find lending partners who are willing to finance them,” says Everett K. Sands, Lendistry founder & CEO. “Lendistry is happy to work with AMAC to help their members access capital and grow their businesses.”