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AMAC Releases Strategic Plan

The Airport Minority Advisory Council on Friday released its strategic plan for 2024-2027. As the advocacy organization celebrates its 40th anniversary, the organization embarked on a strategic planning process to advance its vision of creating economic equity, access and wealth for minorities and women in the aviation and aerospace industries. “In light of increasing legislative and social disruptors, AMAC’s mission is more important than ever to preserve, defend and grow opportunities for its stakeholders,” AMAC said in the document.

“Our strategic plan lays a strong foundation and a blueprint for the future,” said Eboni Wimbush, president and CEO of AMAC. “It highlights our commitment to bold advocacy, purposeful leadership, unified strength and influence, and intentional focus. All to build a sustainable organization positioned to deliver substantial member value and operational excellence, while simultaneously growing AMAC’s partners and membership deliberately through newly created chapters.

The document lays out AMAC’s 13 strategic goals, anchored by five defining “pillars:” advocacy, thought leadership, wealth creation, leadership diversification and operational sustainability.

In its advocacy efforts, AMAC will seek to influence policymakers and partner with advocates to preserve, protect and advance policies for minorities and women in the aviation industry. AMAC also seeks a through leadership role and plans to elevate AMAC’s position as the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) authority among stakeholders in the aviation industry.

The strategic plan also calls for a focus on wealth creation, with the goal of enabling economic empowerment for minorities and women in the aviation industry through education, networking and access to capital and business opportunities. In leadership diversification efforts, AMAC will promote hiring and advancement of industry decision-makers who broadly reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. Finally, to achieve operational sustainability, AMAC plans to build its organizational capacity to position, sustain and grow the national organization and its chapters to advance AMAC’s mission.