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Brisbane Opens Expanding Shopping Area In International Terminal

The $340M expansion at the international terminal at Brisbane (BNE) will open on Dec. 3.

More than 70 outlets in more than 37,000 sq. ft. will be spread over four levels and offer fashion, gifts, souvenirs, arts and crafts, travel services, and food and beverage.

“The expansion of the retail area will mean the terminal can now offer a world-class shopping experience with more variety and options for consumers across the four levels,” says Barry Kairl, Brisbane Airport Corp.’s terminal and retail commercial manager.

More than 4 million shoppers a year pass through the terminal, with the most popular purchases being macadamia nuts and Bundaberg rum, and more than 670,000 cups of coffee are consumed in the terminal each year.

 “We effectively have a captive consumer audience at the terminal, as most people spend at least an hour or two before departure shopping or dining,” Kairl says.