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CAC Praises Progress On Infrastructure Investment Options

A newly created working group to identify pension fund investment opportunities for many sectors, including airports, is seen as a tool in indentifying new infrastructure investment options for Canadian airports. The group is included in the Canadian budget and is co-chaired by former Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz and supported by the Minister of Finance.  

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC) said it applauds the move as airport members seek infrastructure investment opportunities to attract capital, including from pension funds. 

“Air travel plays a vital role in our economy and society, fostering connectivity and driving growth,” said Monette Pasher, president of CAC. “Investments in airport infrastructure deliver a substantial return to our economy. We have asked for more investment tools in the toolbox and today’s budget announcement starts the process to identify those tools.”  

Canadian airports are already global leaders in digital innovation and with the right partnerships, tools and support can further accelerate investments in AI and smart infrastructure that improves efficiency of the traveler journey, the trade group said.  

The CAC has asked for more financial investment tools for airports along with an extension of the government land lease at airports to meet the growing demand for air travel and business development needs. “We are pleased to see government taking steps to clarify options for investment in airport infrastructure and look forward to learning more.” said Pasher. 

The budget also provided investment for new measures to support biofuels production in Canada, with a focus on renewable and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).  “We are so pleased to see this advancement,” said Pasher. “It is what the aviation ecosystem has called for in the roadmap and will help the sector and government work in partnership towards achievement of Canada’s net zero goals.”