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SEA Adopts Two New Sustainability Strategies

The Port of Seattle unveiled two new land stewardship strategies for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, including the SEA Land Stewardship Plan and the SEA Tree Replacement Standards, to continue the airport efforts to incorporate sustainable planning operations and development. 

Land Stewardship Plan and Tree Replacement Standards support the Port’s Century Agenda to be the greenest and most energy-efficient port in North America. In many cases, practices outlined in the plans will enhance work already underway or provide clear guidance to staff on future airport-related efforts.  

“This plan reflects input from Commissioners and the public, which elevated stewarding our natural resources as a key priority for our public port authority,” said Toshiko Grace Hasegawa, Port of Seattle commission vice president. “Using the Port’s equity index and heat maps will help advance equity when implementing this plan. It will also help us increase transparency and accountability in the Port’s decision-making processes.” 

The SEA Land Stewardship Plan uses five objectives to guide decision making related to the airport, beginning with creating an inventory of habitat resources available for airport property.  

The SEA Tree Replacement Standard establishes tree retention and replacement requirements for trees removed due to operational safety and development needs, including planting trees and improving existing forests on airport property.