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Camman Named BagsID CEO

Amsterdam-based BagsID has named Richard Camman as its new CEO, tasked with guiding the roll out of the company’s pioneering AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning baggage handling technology and services.

Camman brings an impressive background in biometrics and a track record of success with identification-based companies to his new role, which comes as BagsID is on the cusp of unveiling a suite of products poised to redefine the way airlines and airports manage baggage.

“I am honored to lead BagsID in its mission to revolutionize baggage handling,” Camman said. “The combination of cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts makes BagsID poised for unprecedented success.”

Established in 2020, BagsID is focused on transforming baggage handling within the aviation industry with solutions that optimize baggage tracking, reduce mishandling rates, and elevate the passenger experience.