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Customer Service Experts, Strativity Group Form Alliance

Customer Service Experts Inc. and Strativity Group have teamed up to form a strategic alliance.

Both companies specialize in Customer Experience Management, a process of managing or engineering a customer’s experience with a product or company.

Strativity Group, which was founded by Lior Arussy in 2003, brings experience in consumer research and strategy development to the table; Customer Service Experts, founded by Lise D’Andrea in 1995, specializes in the customized execution of CEM strategy including training, consulting and measurement.

“The alliance with Customer Service Experts was critical for us to achieve a comprehensive, sustaining solution,” says Lior Arussy, President of Strativity Group. “They bring a unique set of capabilities that allow us to close the loop and enable clients to deliver on their customer experience promise.

The alliance will cover a wide range of services including customer experience diagnostics, CEM strategy development, customer experience innovation and redesign, multi-location implementation, and quality assessment and performance scorecards.

“Our alliance gives us the capacity to gain valuable metrics for our clients that not only state the business case for a CEM strategy, but also help to focus efforts for maximum organizational efficiency,” D’Andrea states. “Ultimately, client organizations and their customers benefit greatly from this approach.”