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Hudson Group Helps Give New Eyes For The Needy

New Eyes for the Needy is tens of thousands of sunglasses and readers richer thanks to a donation from Hudson Group.

The charitable organization recycles donated glasses to be distributed to poor children and adults in developing nations worldwide.

The company recently changed vendors for its sunglasses and readers that it sells in its Hudson News locations; the leftover inventory from Hudson’s New York and New Jersey locations, worth more than $1M at retail, were given to New Eyes.

“Hudson was delighted to be in a position to aid this outstanding organization in the marvelous work they do around the world,” says Joseph DiDomizio, president and CEO of Hudson Group. “We also provided glasses to local chapters of Lions Club International across the United States, which conducts a similar mission to improve vision of needy people in the United States and abroad.”

The glasses from this donation are expected to go to Ghana, Honduras, India, South Africa and St. Marten, among other places. The organization also works with Feed The Children, Physicians for Peace and the Tree-Land Foundation to give glasses to eye clinics in developing countries.

“This incredible donation from the Hudson Group will help New Eyes to answer 100% of the requests for glasses we’ll receive from medical missions this year,” says Susan Dyckman, executive director of New Eyes. “We are very grateful to the Hudson Group for this generous humanitarian gesture that will make a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of poor people around the world by allowing them to see clearly so that they can work and attend school, as well as protect their eyes from the harsh sun.”