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‘Hands Of Haiti’ Exhibit Showcases Work Of Island’s Artists

An exhibit dedicated to helping Haitian artists affected by the January earthquake will be debuting at Miami International (MIA) on Sept. 2.

“Hands of Haiti” features more than 60 major works by artists living on the island who have still created despite the nation’s struggles. Pieces include cut metal, woven sequined flags, sculptures made from discarded urban materials, carnival masks, clay pottery and photography.

“It is our collective hope that “Hands of Haiti” will promote awareness and interest in the arts of Haiti and will encourage artisans to continue the development of their artistic heritage and traditions,” says Yolanda Sánchez, fine arts and cultural affairs director at MIA. “This exhibition is a testament to the Haitian spirit, their optimism and their love of life.”

The Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, a not-for-profit foundation based in the Little Haiti area of Miami, Fla., created the Haitian Art Relief Fund after the earthquake in an effort to help preserve art salvaged from the wreckage and support ongoing work of artists living in Haiti. Local artists were asked to donate artwork that was sold at a pavilion at the Arte America Art Fair in Miami Beach in March. The “Hands of Haiti” exhibit was funded in part from the proceeds of those donations.

“We are pleased to present “Hands of Haiti” in the recently built South Terminal Gallery, where millions of travelers who visit Miami will be greeted by some of the best production Haiti has to offer,” says Edouard Duval Carrié©, artist/director of HCAA. “The collaboration between the HCAA and Miami International Airport serves to honor artists that deserve attention not only for their masterful work but for their rather particular stories of survival and resilience.”

MIA’s South Terminal Gallery can be found pre-security at the Terminal J International Greeter’s Lobby on the fourth floor mezzanine. 

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