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JAA Recognized For Hiring Employees With Disabilities

Florida’s Agency for Persons with Disabilities has honored the Jacksonville Aviation Authority for its commitment to hiring and retaining people with disabilities and for its initiative in creating employment opportunities.

The Florida Exception Employer Award was given to the JAA at a ceremony held at city hall in Tallahassee, Fla., on Oct. 1, which starts Disability Employment Awareness Month.

“The disabled are one of the most underserved groups when it comes to employment,” says Bryan Long, customer service manager for the JAA. “We wanted to be more proactive and responsive to the issue. Really, we’re all just one car accident or stroke away from joining the disabled population, and that’s something we should all think about in acknowledging equality when it comes to people who have a disability.”

The authority’s work force includes employees who have disabilities ranging from hearing impairments to motor function impairments. The JAA is also a founding member of the First Coast Business Leadership Network, which identifies work talent among those with disabilities.