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Johnston & Murphy Unveils Image Campaign

Retailer Johnston & Murphy has revealed a new image campaign titled, ‘Not Your Dad’s Shoe Company,” which will be seen at all its retail and ecommerce outlets, including airport locations. 

Designed to reshape how customers think of the 174-year-old brand, the campaign highlights the company’s deep heritage while inspiring audiences to perceive Johnston & Murphy as more than a dress shoe company.  

Johnston & Murphy tapped creative agency, Wolfgang, to put a fresh lens on the brand that it believes will resonate with an audience that values quality craftsmanship, classic style and enduring value.  

“Through recent consumer research we discovered a unique opportunity to shift perceptions about our brand,” said Jason Dasal, Johnston & Murphy senior vice president of marketing and ecommerce. “We have made great strides in expanding our product offering into apparel and accessories, developing innovative comfort technology and creating a product line that is relevant for today’s customer.” 

The campaign features a new tagline ‘Made for the Moment Since 1850’, harkening back to the American familial connection that many customers have to the brand while establishing a forward-thinking narrative for the important and celebratory moments in life.  

“We have experienced unprecedented sales growth over the past several years and we know how important it is to invest in an outward expression of our brand that connects with the consumer in a meaningful way,” said Danny Ewoldsen, president of Johnston & Murphy. “Our intention for this campaign is to enlighten a broader audience on the ongoing evolution of our brand through a respectful but lighthearted approach to our heritage.”