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Nuance Group Unveils Flagship Fashion Store

Terminal 1 at Manchester (MAN) is home to the new flagship operation for fashion retailing for The Nuance Group.

The 8,987 sq. ft. store features the Attitude multi-brand fashion and accessories concept, including Hugo Boss, Burberry, Emporio Armani and Samsonite Black Label.
Two Temptation stores also opened, offering sunglasses and watches.

Attitude will offer merchandise such as men’s and women’s clothing, bags, luggage and fashion accessories.

Plasma screens can be found throughout the store and show fashion collections from the catwalk. Prominent flight screens also show departure time and gates so travelers can stay up to date on their flights.

 “When we set out to design this mega fashion store, we were aiming to set new standards for fashion retailing,” says Jean-Paul Bonnel, chief executive officer of The Nuance Group Europe. “The benchmark was to match the offer and excitement of the best high-street fashion department stores, and a lot of research and development has gone into putting this claim into practice.

“My thanks go to the team at Manchester Airport – our cooperation in designing the store was outstanding, and the result is due to the airport management’s thorough understanding of the mechanics of retail and its critical success factors. We truly believe that this store will set new standards for fashion retailing at airports, and we look forward to serving many happy customers at Manchester T1.”