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Papa John’s Builds Crop Circle Near DEN To Market New Pizza

Papa John’s has crafted a 6-acre crop circle promoting its new, 100% whole-wheat pizza in a wheat field 30 miles from downtown Denver that is visible to passengers landing and departing at Denver International (DEN).

The crop circle features a pizza topped with pepperoni made from red mulch, green peppers made from corn stalks, black olives formed out of black mulch and cheese made of harvested wheat. The pizza is accompanied by a Papa John’s box on the upper-right hand corner and the words “New 100% Whole Wheat Crust Pizza” in the lower-right. In a nod to the Democratic National Convention later this month, the words “America’s Choice” sits atop the crop circle. It will be visible through the first snowfall.

“Papa John’s was excited and enthralled with the number of people that could see the crop circle coming into and leaving the airport,” says Tish Muldoon, spokeswoman. “That increases the visibility so much. That made it very attractive to us.”

Since it is located in a privately owned residence, DEN didn’t have to approve the promotion, but Muldoon says airport officials and the Federal Aviation Administration were fine with it.

“We definitely talked to them about it beforehand,” Muldoon says.