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Small Canvases Show Visual Interpretations Of Words At ATL

More than 1,000 canvases are displayed in glass frames throughout the Atrium at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International as part of “The Canvas Project, Volume 2: Encyclopedia Edition.”

The exhibit is a result of the airport’s art program and the Art House Gallery inviting amateur and professional artists worldwide to paint visual interpretations of selected words on blank 3-by-3-inch canvases.

“The artists were very creative,” said Katherine Marbury, airport art program manager.
“Observers will walk away from this exhibit and understand that there is truly more than one way to visually interpret a word.”

Each artists was given five blank canvases and a list of five words. They were told to create an image for each word and return the canvases to the gallery.

“Hartsfield-Jackson remains a big supporter of the arts community,” Marbury says. “We are delighted to prominently feature this exhibit to the 40,000 travelers who pass through our Atrium each day.”

The exhibit runs through Sept. 9.