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New IND Unveils Concessions Partners

When the new Indianapolis International (IND) opens October, the concessions program will be filled with a mix of large, national players and more than a smattering of independent operators.

Among the shops and restaurants that will provide a mix of local and national brands to IND are the first-ever Indianapolis 500 Grill, a sit-down restaurant in the Civic Plaza gathering area that will be accompanied by a Brickyard Authentics apparel and collectible store and an Indianapolis 500 museum.

The airport will also feature a Cultural Crossroads, which will feature displays and merchandise from eight Indianapolis museums and cultural institutions.

Among the companies bringing concessions to the airport are SSP America, The Paradies Shops, HDS Retail North America and HMSHost Corp.; Areas USA also will bring concessions to IND as a joint venture called Areas Indianapolis JV.

CC Holdings, doing business as Au Bon Pain; Enroute Massage & Spa Indiana LLC; Brookstone Stores Inc.; Melshire DFW, doing business as Natalie’s Candy Bar; Just Pop In Inc.; HatWorld & Lids and Sterling Works also have contracts, as does RDG Concessions, in partnership with HMSHost.

In addition to the Cultural Crossroads, Paradies will bring the Civic Plaza TravelMart, Vera Bradley, Brooks Brothers and two CNBC Indianapolis stores.

“With this new contract we look forward to providing the traveling public with more celebrated brands and exceptional customer service,” says Gregg Paradies, president and chief executive officer, in a statement.

Areas will open 10 food establishments, including Shula’s 2, Corona Bar and Grill, DiVine, Qdoba, Champps Americana, Cold Stone Creamery and Green Leaf’s and Bananas.

The Indianapolis 500 Grill will be operated by SSP America. Additionally, SSP will open Harry and Izzy’s, a tribute to the founders of St. Elmo Steakhouse, Shapiro’s Delicatessen and Camden Food Co. The company was drawn by IND’s eye toward innovation and plans to offer passengers nothing but the best offerings.

“As the first major airport renovation of its kind since 2001, the New Indianapolis Airport is a gateway facility which will serve as a global benchmark for other airports to follow,” says Les Cappetta, SSP’s CEO. “The state-of-the-art facility and beautiful central plaza elevate the status of both the city and its offerings. … We anticipate a strong, competitive lineup at Indianapolis and are ready for the challenge.”

Relay at IND LLC is a partnership between HDS Retail and DRE Retail, a DBE in Indianapolis. The duo will introduce USA Today Travel Zone, RELAY, hub Convenience and Artizan as part of the city’s new $1.1B airport.

HMSHost will bring Patachou on the Fly, Starbucks, 96th Street Steakburgers, Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express and King David Dogs.

Not only is IND a new facility, but while other airports around the country are experiencing service cuts, IND is one of the few forecasting growth in the short term, says Stephen Douglas, vice president of business development for HMSHost.

“We’re proud to be a part of that program,” Douglas says. “It’s a market we want to be in.”

The company, in conjunction with RDG Concessions, will also bring Shades & Times and Pacific Outfitters.