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The City and County of Denver’s Department of Aviation 

DEN Concessions Program

Description: The City and County of Denver, through its Department of Aviation (City or DEN) seeks competitive proposals for the following concessions concepts to be operated at the Denver International Airport:

RFP 2-01 201952038 A West 2 Expansion Food and Beverage Marketplace

The location for this procurement is approximately 4,681 square feet on the concourse level and located in the Concourse A West 2 Subcore. In addition, this opportunity includes 1,786 square feet of leased space located within a sterile area on the ramp level which will be developed by the Concessionaire into a kitchen and back of house space to support the concourse level space. This location is intended for the development of multiple concepts within one space, including separate concepts featuring specialty coffee, quick service restaurant, and casual dining restaurant with a full-service bar, along with a common seating area. All common dietary restrictions and considerations should be incorporated with the menus offered. Seasonal menu rotation is highly encouraged. The term of this opportunity is 10 years.

Documents Available: Request for Proposals (RFP) documents will be available on the DEN Contract Procurement website at http://business.flydenver.com/bizops/proprfp.asp available on December 17, 2019.

Proposals Due: All proposals must be sealed and identified as to content and be received by the DEN Contract Procurement no later than 2:00 PM, Denver Time, March 16, 2020. Proposals received after this time will be rejected by DEN and returned to the proposer unopened.

Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference: A Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at 2:00 PM, Denver Time, January 8, 2020, in the City Conference Room, located in DEN’s Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6, west inner core. Multiple opportunities will be discussed at this same pre-proposal conference, a list of opportunities will be listed on Survey Monkey at the below link. Attendance at this meeting will qualify your firm for all RFPs discussed during the meeting. Failure to attend will disqualify proposers from submitting a proposal in response to this RFP.

In order to expedite the sign-in process, all attendees are encouraged to pre-register at the following website; https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CYSSSRM by 2:00 p.m. Denver Time on January 3, 2020. Attendees representing multiple companies must register under each company they are representing and sign-in to be eligible.

 RFP Questions: Written questions are due by 2:00 PM Denver Time on January 30, 2019 and shall be submitted via email at [email protected].

ACDBE/MWBE Requirements: The Commerce Hub has established a 33% ACDBE goal and The Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) has established a 25% MWBE goal type participation.